Jepara Furniture

Jepara Furniture is a popular trademark for manufacturing, production processes, to semi-finished or full finishing goods. The center of Indonesia Funiture is located in the city of Jepara, Central Java province, the country of Indonesia, and has been hereditary since being a producer of quality furniture with its unique carvings. In this place there are complete manufacturers, suppliers, raw materials, furniture companies, exporters, as well as importers’ representatives from various countries directly meet the producers from the first hand. The center of traditional craftsmen, until the manufacture of furniture with the latest machinery, is very complete with many choices, so that all production processes to delivery or shipping also start here, for sea shipping, just push the goods from the factory warehouse to the international port in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia .

Jepara Indonesia Furniture, mainly prioritizes furniture making derived from teak wood, high-quality raw materials, and authentic, because it is produced from teak plantations in Jepara and its surroundings. Jepara Furniture teak wood carving has a distinctive pattern, intricate, beautiful and classy and elegant, its quality has been recognized as evidenced by the increasing volume of exports abroad, in addition to domestic consumption. Various large prestigious projects use Jepara Furniture as the main raw material, such as hotel furniture projects, restaurants, villas and many other large projects, using enchanting high-class artsy crafts.

Jepara Furniture’s attractive collection is increasingly gaining a place in society, while maintaining its quality because its craftsmen are increasingly experienced, especially now supported by modern technology, making it faster in finishing the product, fulfilling the number of orders. Jepara Furniture’s elegant appearance has always been a trade mark, and a proud icon for Indonesia Furniture. Because of these experiences, besides producing their own designs, they are also able to reproduce famous designs from other collections, such as French Provincial Furniture, German, British to USA colonial styles. Other supporting products that are no less great are handicraft, wood craft and other teak-based products, can be produced here, according to the order and custom order.

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